Where there’s an open heart, there is hope and perhaps healing

One of the toughest and most heart wrenching experiences is to watch a partner, friend or relative go through the agony of addiction—and failed recovery. Despite the best intentions, true recovery is often elusive. The patient can do well for months or even years then suddenly relapse, breaking hearts all around—most of all their own.

While hypnosis for addiction is by no means a cure-all, it is showing signs of being a valuable tool in the overall recovery process. This is especially true when the patient maintains a regular practice of self-hypnosis to support their ongoing rehabilitation.

According to an article in Addiction Treatment Magazine, “Hypnotherapy is considered a piece of a comprehensive treatment program, and is gaining more recognition nationwide as a viable option for addiction therapy.”

Addiction hypnotherapy can also work well to give patients a greater sense of controlling their own recovery. This is often an overlooked key to long-term success: that whatever techniques are employed, the patient needs to feel in charge. Just doing something because some authority figure told them it would be good for them rarely works.

The same article went on to state that: “Hypnosis may reduce desires for addictive behaviors because it aids in relaxation. In a relaxed state of awareness, a patient may become more open and accepting of recovering from their addiction.”

One of the great features of hypnosis is that together we have the possibility of uncovering some of the core issues behind addiction. Gaining access to the subconscious can be a game-changer for the addicted patient, as he or she starts to find new pieces of their own puzzle. Again, it bears repeating: this is NOT a singular approach to addiction recovery, but rather one technique to be employed within a larger array of practices to aid in sustaining sobriety.

If there is someone in your life who might benefit from this approach, please give me a call here in Andover. Just imagine a life well lived again in glowing mental health.