“I would like to thank you for transforming my life. I know that sounds rather melodramatic, but my sessions with you have made such a difference, that it really has been a transformation.”

Felicia V., Lawrence, MA

Don’s Guarantee To You

The reason Don Glass gets such great results with his hypnotherapy is twofold.

don-glass-andover-ma-hypnotherapistFirst, he does a pre-interview, during which he determines whether or not he thinks you’re a good candidate for hypnotherapy. If for some reason he feels he cannot help you, he may refer you to someone else.

Second, if he determines that you have underlying issues that could affect the outcome of your hypnosis session, he will also address those, so that you have the highest likelihood of achieving your hypnosis goals. For smoking cessation clients, he offers a 100% guarantee that you will stop smoking.

In addition, for all his clients he offers ongoing support programs that are designed to assure you maintain your goals.