Yes, virtual surgery really can work.

While it’s not news that we have an obesity epidemic in this country, it IS news when a safe, non-invasive solution continues to show good results. A Virtual Gastric Band is just such a tool in this fight against the bulge. Even if it seems unbelievable that something so easy could actually work, I urge you to suspend disbelief to read Julie’s story.

Julie S. of Dracut, MA, really wanted to lose about 40 pounds. She needed to feel more energized and regain her health. She also wanted to keep up with her active grandchildren and friends. She told me that she simply felt old. After we talked on the phone about the Virtual Gastric Band procedure, she decided to try this non-surgery approach to permanent weight loss.

“I am worth whatever it takes to be healthy and have energy again. So I’m going to find a way to afford this,” Julie told me.

The beauty of a virtual procedure is avoiding all the pain, anesthesia, drugs and potential complications of a true surgical operation. Instead, under hypnosis, you are guided to experience the operation as if was actually happening to you. As long as you comply with the follow-up sessions to reinforce the hypnotic suggestions, you will notice all sorts of positive changes. You will eat less, make better food choices, feel inspired to move more and generally want to take better care of yourself. The power of your mind is truly miraculous.

Of course, not everyone is a great candidate for a Virtual Gastric Band, which is why I always do a consultation ahead of time in my Andover office to be sure the client is really ready and willing to follow through with all the aspects of the program. Those that are ready achieve wonderful results.

After just the first week on the program Julie was amazed at how simple changes she made resulted in a world of difference.

As she said after the first week, “I can’t get over it…I eat and I’m never hungry…just a few bites satisfy me. The Virtual Gastric Band procedure changed my life. And I especially liked that there was no special diet to follow, no calorie counting, no weekly meetings or excessive exercises to do. I simply started losing weight. I wish I had known about hypnosis long ago.”

If you’re struggling with weight gain issues and wonder how hypnotherapy might help you meet your weight loss goals, let’s chat. Youll find me conveniently located to serve the greater Boston area, the Merrimack Valley and beyond. Just Imagine what a Virtual Gastric Band could do for your health.