As I write this, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and while I’m grateful for my wonderful family, I’m also painfully aware that the holiday season can be anything but wonderful for many people. The reasons for this are endless. Perhaps you:

  • are tried of being single
  • are recently divorced
  • are feeling stuck in a bad relationship
  • are fed up with your dysfunctional family relationships

Whatever your personal situation, I have found that the true issue usually reveals the source to be located inside your own mind. We all intuitively develop coping skills for what troubles us in life. Some of them are seemingly harmless (though they do have their side effects), such as: watching too much television, losing yourself in fantasy worlds, burying yourself in work, shopping online for things you really don’t need. Then there are the truly horrible coping devices: drugs, alcohol, emotional abuse, violence, depression and more.

The degree to which you rely on negative coping mechanisms reveals the level of your own emotional pathology. Yes, pathology. Dis-ease with your life.

I’m here to share with you that there are better, healthier ways to cope with whatever life tosses in front of you. You can start by working on your own issues. Yes, yours! No matter how badly you were treated by your ex, no matter how messed up your family is, no matter how many bad dates you’ve endured—you need to uncover and acknowledge your own role in all of it. If you’ve never been in any kind of therapy, this can be a real challenge. It’s so much more pleasant to blame the other guy for your troubles.

The good news is, hypnotherapy can work wonders in these situations. Together we can unravel the origins of your relationship problems and create brand new neural pathways for positive ideas to take hold in your mind. We can plant the seeds of new behaviors and nurture them with hypnotic reinforcement. We can discover new ways to view your situations and better ways to respond to your triggers.

Hypnotherapy can show you a whole new way to enjoy healthy, rewarding relationships.

  • You can learn how to improve your relationship with yourself. It all starts there.
  • You can rewrite your scripts about past failures in your love life and see how to break bad patterns.
  • You can become empowered to take a position that either transforms your current relationship or demonstrates that it’s time to move on.
  • You can heal old family wounds and create entirely new fruitful ways to interact with your loved ones.

As someone who has made quite a few spins around the sun, I’ve heard and seen a lot, and I feel certain I can offer you wise counsel for whatever relationship issue you may want to address. Let’s talk. Just Imagine what improved relationships could do for your life.