“With hypnosis I feel like I’ve gone back to my center, and I’ve simplified my life.”

~Sandi J.,

weight loss client

What’s your weight loss challenge?

Everyone who’s tried to let go of extra pounds eventually has trouble. Diets rarely work as promised, and exercising more isn’t always the magic fix. Whatever trick worked in the past may no longer give the same results as you age. There is so much contradictory information out there, that who knows anymore what’s okay to eat?

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You’ve hit a plateau.

You struggle with food addictions.

You have a few stubborn pounds to shed.

You need help maintaining your weight loss.

You want to establish healthier eating habits.

You want to experience weight loss hypnosis before the VGB.

With hypnotherapy you and Don will actually be targeting all the underlying reasons you gained weight—and why it stays on. It’s not just about revising your habits and feelings about food and eating. It’s about confronting whatever lifestyle choices you’ve made that contribute to your weight issues—and never having to even think about them bad-calories150again.

15 + 2 =

While Don Glass specializes in the Virtual Gastric Band procedure for weight loss, he recognizes that not every client requires that approach. He is happy to work with you to meet your goals, regardless of how you want to proceed. Just Imagine living the rest of your life looking and feeling your best.

“When I was thirty five I successfully went through the Weight Watchers program. They gave me the gold wings and I felt like I could fly. I didn’t go back for support and eventually flew right back to where I had started. Over the years I continued to go to their programs but was never successful again. I tired of counting points and going to meetings.

Meeting Don Glass has been a godsend to me. I underwent the virtual gastric bypass. It was harmless. My whole attitude toward eating and life has changed. I no longer think about food when I’m stressed, tired, or upset. I am excited about doing things. I breathe when I’m confronted by challenging situations (which is often). All the time while I am doing what we should be doing, enjoying life, I continue to lose weight.

What’s different about this program is that it is a lifestyle change, not a temporary one. I highly recommend Don Glass to anyone struggling with a weight problem.”
~Paloma B.

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“I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter, but after a few sessions at Just Imagine I can say that phase is finally over. I’ve maintained my 32-pound weight loss for almost two years, I’ve taken up yoga, I’m less irritable and I’m delighted with my life now. Thanks Don!”

~Andrea P.

“For 52 years I never met a vegetable I wanted to eat. I was always eating on the go and never took time to fix anything healthy. Hypnosis has helped me to rethink my priorities and now I value myself enough to prepare real food. My rediscovered waistline is proof.”

~Emilio R.

“I had given up ever getting back to what I weighed in college, 20 years ago…there was always 10 or 15 pounds that just wouldn’t go away. Then a friend suggested I give Don a call. Two sessions later, I began eating smaller portions and finally making a dent in those remaining inches.”

~Jody S.


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reduce cravings


reach their goal weight

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