“As a registered nurse I knew what the extra weight was doing to my health, and I did not want to go under anesthesia or have body altering surgery.”

~Charlotte D., Boston

Weight Loss Hypnosis Testimonials

Charlotte, a registered nurse, shares her own weight loss journey…

weight-loss-hypnotherapy-works“I wanted to write and thank you for helping me to get control of my life and  my weight with the virtual gastric band procedure. I’d heard of it before, but after many failed attempts at Weight Watchers, South Beach and numerous other diets, I decided to look at it again. As a registered nurse I knew what the extra weight was doing to my health. I also knew that I did not want to go under anesthesia or have body altering surgery, thus hypnosis seemed like a perfect solution.

weight-loss-hypnosisMy first session, during which you placed the virtual gastric band was remarkably easy. That first week I immediately felt different. I was able to change the way I ate and the amounts I ate that first  day. I went from mindless grazing and constant picking at food to three small meals with ease. That first week seemed so simple that I was shocked to step on the scale and find that I had lost 10 pounds!

I also felt so incredibly better. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt calmer and much less stressed from daily life. I felt like I was back in control of my life.

There were also changes occurring that I had not really counted on. Prior to your gastric band procedure I was not sleeping through the night at all. In fact, I had not slept all night through since the 1990s!!  Now I am sleeping deeply and well and waking rested–before my alarm goes off.  It is also reported that my snoring has greatly improved!

hypnotherapy-to-quit-soda300Before I had your gastric band inserted I was a huge soda drinker and I rarely drank water. My desire for soda has completely disappeared. I now easily have 64 oz. of water a day. Over the last few weeks I have been out to eat many times with out any fear or anxiety that I had to eat or could not eat certain food. I just had a small meal. I am much more active than I had been but also much less tired at the end of the day. At present I am having a challenge with my walking due to some tendinitis, but I am managing some exercise 3-4 times a week.

While my virtual gastric band program has ended, my weight loss is continuing, slowly and  steadily. I look forward to continuing my journey with you and Just Imagine Hypnosis”
~Charlotte D., Boston

“When I was thirty five I successfully went through the Weight Watchers program. They gave me the gold wings and I felt like I could fly. I didn’t go back for support and eventually flew right back to where I had started. Over the years I continued to go to their programs but was never successful again. I tired of counting points and going to meetings.

Meeting Don Glass has been a godsend to me. I underwent the virtual gastric bypass. It was harmless. My whole attitude toward eating and life has changed. I no longer think about food when I’m stressed, tired, or upset. I am excited about doing things. I breathe when I’m confronted by challenging situations (which is often).

All the time while I am doing what we should be doing, enjoying life, I continue to lose weight.

What’s different about this program is that it is a lifestyle change, not a temporary one. I highly recommend Don Glass to anyone struggling with a weight problem.

~Paloma B.

“Where do I start, when I experienced a life changing event?

Thank you, for your help and guidance with making this change a reality through the Just Imagine Virtual Gastric Band procedure. The most amazing thing is that this change is so easy and effortless. Some of the changes in the eleven weeks since reevaluating my habits are: thirty-three pounds lost, five inches off my waistline, and most surprising of all the sleep apnea I have suffered for over two decades stopped within the first week of the program. I can only attribute the changes to my change in eating habits and life style. I have more energy now than I can remember in a long time.

You have shown me that the commitments that I make to myself are not just empty promises. That I have the will and determination to see the end results as if they all ready have been achieved. Nearly three months later and I still refer to myself as “giddy” with the results, and everyone I speak with find my youthful enthusiasm returning.

In the past, I may have thought that there is still a long journey to achieving my weight lose goal of 100 pounds. However with a more optimistic outlook, I know that I have attained a third of my goal and the finish line will be crossed before I realize the time. How wonderful it is to be at peace with what I have.”

Forever grateful,
Patrick T.

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“I can walk by the candy dish at work without even thinking twice. I just eat very little…I still eat a wide variety of stuff, I eat what I want, and the weight comes off.”


~Ellen W.

“I am delighted, I really am, because even though I was confident the virtual band would work, I didn’t think it was going to be so all-encompassing. I feel better, I feel lighter, I just feel less stressed. It’s life-changing. It really is.”


~Carla D.

“What I can’t get over is how simple this system is…I’d had it with counting every aspect of what I ate. I just eat until I’m pleasantly full, then I walk away. I’ve never left food on my plate before in my life!”


~Zack N.

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