“I can’t get over it…I eat and I’m never hungry…just a few bites satisfy me.”


~Julie S.,

Dracut, MA

Would you like to lose weight easily

without dieting, weekly meetings,

pills or special foods?

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

The surgery is virtual, but the results are real.

Julie S. of Dracut, MA, wanted to lose about 40 pounds. She wanted to feel more energized, healthier and to be able to keep up with her grandchildren and friends. She said she simply felt old. We talked on the phone about the Virtual Gastric Band procedure, and after hearing how she could enjoy this amazing non-surgery approach to permanent weight loss, she decided to give it a go.

“I am worth whatever it takes to be healthy and have energy again.  So I’m going to find a way to afford this,” Julie insisted.

After the first week Julie felt amazed at how simple changes made a world of difference for her.

She said,  “I can’t get over it…I eat and I’m never hungry…just a few bites satisfy me.  The Virtual Gastric Band procedure changed my life. And I especially liked that there was no special diet to follow, no calorie counting, no weekly meetings or excessive exercises to do.  I simply started losing weight.  I wish I had known about hypnosis long ago.”

Just Imagine what a Virtual Gastric Band could do for you.

I’m ready to help you.

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Sean had a breakathrough

“I would never have thought that hypnosis could turn my life around so fast–but it did!”

Daryl stopped stressing out

“When I stopped worrying what I was eating, then the pounds just faded away.”

Amanda learned new tricks

“I guess this old dog CAN learn some new tricks–like finally getting healthy.”

Laureen has hit her goal

“I wish I knew about the Virtual Gastric Band years ago–what a time and life saver!”

Is this your story? Every month the pounds creep on, every few months you need a larger dress or pants size. You’re increasingly tired and you look and feel less attractive than you once were. Perhaps your social life isn’t what it used to be. You’ve tried dieting, exercise, pills, counseling—but nothing’s worked. If so, then the Virtual Gastric Band could be the solution for you.

Yes, you can lose weight without all the suffering. Starting now. Be done with it for good.

So what’s a Virtual Gastric Band?

This new, non-surgical technique, developed in Europe, can give you all the benefits of actual gastric band surgery, but without the pain, stress, large expense or side effects. The solution is hypnosis. Don Glass, a certified Bariatric Hypnotherapist, can help you retrain your subconscious to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. Through hypnotherapy you’ll become convinced that your  stomach is full after a certain level of consumption, and you’ll be quite satisfied.

gastric-banding-procedureTake a very close look at this diagram (left) which shows how a real—or virtual—gastric band appears to your mind. That’s right. Everything we think, do or feel starts in our minds. Scientific experiments demonstrate that our minds cannot differentiate between real experiences and imagined ones. Notice the gray band. That portion just above the band can be your new stomach. That’s all the space you need to feel full—and it’s adjustable, so we can tighten it or loosen it as necessary. The best part is you’ll get slimmer day by day, without ever feeling hungry.

You are DONE dieting! Period.

hypnosis-for-weight-loss-eating-betterBesides, if diets worked you wouldn’t be here, would you? Once your Virtual Gastric Band has been placed via hypnosis, you can eat whatever you want—you will just want less of it. Research has found that people who eat smaller portions will also begin eating more healthy foods, because they are listening to feedback from their bodies. Within a couple of days you’ll respond automatically to your stomach’s full signal.

virtual-gastric-band-successNotice that there are no restrictions; you’ll just transition to eating the right amount of food for your body. There’s no list of good foods or bad foods, there are no calories to count, because you’ll be eating what you want naturally and you’ll be acting and thinking like a slim person.

You do, however, need to get off the couch

hypnosis-for-weight-loss-exerciseThere is also no extreme exercise regime, although movement is critically important. Moving can simply be walking, but it’s crucial that your body knows that you’re using your muscles, so it will recruit the energy it needs from the fat you’ve been storing.

Being more in touch with your body’s needs for food and movement is a fundamental part of this program. Because you’ll be eating less—by listening to your body—you’ll just return to your ideal state, the natural weight you were meant to be, and that becomes the permanent new you.


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Meet Don Glass

Don Glass is a hypnotherapist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). In addition, Don is also certified as a Bariatric Surgery Support Hypnotist, serving pre-surgical and post-surgical clients, as well as those for whom surgery is not an option. Don partners with health and wellness professionals, including medical doctors, holistic health practitioners and chiropractors to support your complete healing process. Learn more about Don here.

“I always said I was allergic to exercise…but that was before I got my VGB. Now I don’t even think about it–I just WANT to be more active. I go for walks just for the fun of it. I play catch with my grandson. I find I have to get up and move around if I sit too long. It just amazes me. And my energy level has risen accordingly. Look out world!”

Melinda D.

Benefits of a Virtual Gastric Band include:


Permanent weight loss


Stress reduction


Be the size you want to be


Take control of your life


Increase in self-confidence


Boost in energy


Better sleep


Better digestive health

Don explains what happens during your 4 sessions of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

don-glass-hypnotherapist200On your first appointment, we’ll spend 30-40 minutes talking, so I understand what I need to know about your weight loss journey and challenges. I’ll review our Virtual Gastric Band Program and review your commitment form. I’ll also answer any questions you may have. If you don’t want to proceed, there’s no obligation.

If you do want to proceed, you’ll sign the commitment form and we’ll go right into your first hypnosis session. Your Virtual Gastric Band will be installed that first day.

Then we’ll set up your next 3 sessions—spaced accirding to your progress.

Young Woman Sleeping on Lawn ChairYou’ll go home with a CD that reinforces your session receiving the VGB. Then each day, twice a day, you’ll listen to the 15-minute daily session and review your commitment form. It’s important to do this first thing in the morning AND before dinner time.

happy-weight-loss-hypnosis-client3At each follow-up session you’ll find that the improved behaviors you want to achieve are getting easier and easier to attain. We’ll address anything that has come up as a result of your new VGB and make sure you’re well on your way to achieving your desired outcome.

At the fourth session, we can decide together if you want to attack any underlying negative beliefs that may be sabotaging living life to the fullest.

Some clients find they desire additional support for their weight loss, and some realize they’d like to explore other issues too. A variety of ongoing support packages are available that will assist you in creating the sort of life you can imagine.

How has the Virtual Gastric Band system been tested?

Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger, who developed the technique,  began testing the system with her clients in England several years ago. Those preliminary results showed success rates of 90% to 95%. Because of the continuing success, this procedure it is about to undergo clinical trials by Hull and York Medical School in the UK as a substitute for invasive gastric surgery.

Don Glass has been personally trained and certified by Sheila Granger in this weight management procedure.

Please read the many testimonials on this website and watch the video on this page to hear actual clients discuss their results with a Virtual Gastric Band. Find even more here.

Why does the Virtual Gastric Band work?

We know from scientific experiments that under hypnosis the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. With the guidance of a specially trained hypnotist, you will believe that your body has already had the surgical gastric band procedure. Your mind will believe that your gastric band has been installed and that the part of your stomach that can accept food is now the size of a golf ball, just like it would be if you actually had the surgery!

With the Virtual Gastric Band you’re still able to eat whatever you want, you will simply feel like eating smaller portions. Plus, since it’s not a diet, you won’t feel irritable, deprived or hungry—all common causes of dieting failure. Since the Virtual Gastric Band effectively eliminates these problems, you can achieve a long-term solution to your weight problems.

If you’re ready to finally release your excess weight...

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“I had some dessert and thought it was cheating, but then I remembered that Don told me I could have anything I wanted and I felt relieved. I am still losing the weight according to our plan.”


~Nancy S.,

Wenham, MA

“When I stopped worrying whether I was getting enough of this food or that food then the pounds just melted off.”


~Mary A.,

North Andover, MA

“I know this is just my first Virtual Gastric Band procedure session, but I don’t feel I’ll ever be able to stop drinking diet soda.” Two weeks later: “Gee…it’s been over two weeks and I haven’t had any diet soda. Actually, I did have one sip, and I don’t even like it anymore.”

~Terry B,

North Andover, MA