“In all subjects anticipatory nausea and vomiting disappeared, and major responses to chemotherapy-induced nausea control were recorded in almost all patients.”

~From a study published by the NIH

Hypnosis for Cancer Treatment

Use Hypnosis to fight back against chemotherapy nausea

As if it isn’t bad enough to be battling cancer, many of the treatments make patients feel even worse. Thankfully, hypnotherapy is proving to be a useful tool in reducing nausea and vomiting—both before and after chemotherapy. Your mind is very powerful—many people are so worried about suffering the nausea that they generate the nausea before the treatment session,  and because your mind is so powerful it responds well to hypnotic suggestions. The National Institutes of Health conducted a meta analysis of all the literature on the topic, and that revealed hypnosis is especially effective in this application.

hypnosis-chemo-nauseaThe good news is nausea and vomiting are controlled by your brain—by autonomic nerves, which control involuntary bodily functions such as your heartbeat and breathing. Patients can be triggered by all sorts of irritants such as: smells, pain, the sight of a hospital room or nurse, tastes, anxieties or the chemicals. These triggers send a message to the brain to start the vomit reflex.

Because this is all controlled by your brain, hypnotherapy is ideally suited to reverse the impulse in a natural automatic way. Without even worrying about it, you’ll be able to influence the autonomic functions of your brain. During a hypnosis session you can learn to tone down your responses and redirect your instinctive reactions.

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