“My ambient stress is lower than it’s been in my entire life. I’m more confident. My day-to-day stress and anxiety level is lower than I could have imagined it could be. I didn’t think people could be this relaxed.”

~Geoffrey, anxiety client

Hypnosis for Change & Self Improvement

personal-achievement-with-hypnosisGoals are great—they keep us motivated to grow and reach out in new ways. Goals keep our brains healthy by creating new neural pathways for what we want to achieve, but you may stumble when you encounter roadblocks in your way and don’t see a clear path around them. Or perhaps you have a great idea but can’t seem to really get started. That’s when hypnotherapy can help.

personal-achievement-with-hypnotherapyJust imagine how great it would feel to greet each day knowing you’re on the right path and you have the skills to navigate anything that tries to block your energy or progress.

personal-achievement-with-hypnotherapy2The satisfaction that comes from achieving your goals allows you to reach for your highest potential. During your hypnosis session your subconscious mind will be guided to release whatever old notions or beliefs have been hindering you. Hypnotic suggestions from a trained hypnotherapist will help you make better choices with your time and you’ll automatically focus your attention where you most want it to be. Before you know it, you’re fully energized to make whatever self improvements you like, and you realize one day that you are, indeed, leading a richer life.

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“I wanted to get my voice back…it seemed like I could never get my opinion heard. I knew what my opinions were, but it seemed like my husband ignored me. My self-esteem was dropping quickly. Through hypnotherapy at Just Imagine I was able to regain my confidence and learn how to better express myself. I’m happy to report that now my husband values my opinions.”

~Laura K., Boston

“I had made the decision to ramp up my career and was clear that I wanted to be successful in a big way—but I knew I had to overcome the intimidation of cold calling. I wanted to be energized every day and feel comfortable and not awkward while making cold calls. After just one session I could stop worrying and just do my cold calls. As a result, I’ve built up base of clients who have yielded me more referrals.”

~Marty D., Newburyport

“I’m  a manager at a large local manufacturer. In the past I was able to fly all over the world and give presentations at trade and industry shows, but more recently I’ve developed huge anxiety issues about flying and even highway driving.  After just two sessions with Don I started flying around the country again and am now driving wherever I need to go.”

~Sharon M., Andover

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