“I am still amazed that I have been able to accomplish this in just three sessions and that six years’ worth of pain is just gone. It is wonderful what the mind can do, but your guidance and knowledge made it all happen.”

~Felicia V., Lawrence, MA

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Chronic Pain

This is the full text of the letter.

Dear Don,

I would like to thank you for transforming my life. I know that sounds rather melodramatic, but my sessions with you have made such a difference, that it really has been a transformation. As you know, I was referred to you for help with weight-loss as I had gained significant weight over the last several years due to a back and neck injury.

Very quickly I came to realize that I really could not address my weight issue without first dealing with the debilitating pain I have been in for about six years. You very confidently told me that you could eliminate my pain. I was skeptical, but I have been in so much pain for so long, that I was willing to give hypnosis a try, and I would have been happy if my pain were merely diminished. I could not have dared to even imagine the results that I have experienced.

As you know, I slipped on ice and fell down a flight of stairs causing significant injury. The initial fall happened about six years ago, and, in addition to other issues, I have been in excruciating, debilitating pain since. I experienced severe back pain as well as intense headaches that would last for months on end.

During our first session, I did not feel like I was being hypnotized. I was fully aware of all that was going on, and felt no difference in my level of pain. I sat in the chair thinking that I was not “doing it right.” I was convinced that it was going to take me several sessions to train myself to let go and allow myself to be hypnotized. I felt no different at the end of the session….then I sat up in the chair. I realized that the headache that I had had for the last four months was gone. Ifnothing else, I would consider that first session a success because of that. After the session, as we sat together talking, it literally felt like my back was melting. I had so much pain and tension in my back that it felt like one big block. That block of pain began to melt away and I was amazed.

For the past six years I have not slept for more than an hour or two at a time because I was in so much pain. I was always tired, but more importantly, without sleep, my body was not able to heal as effectively. After our first session, I slept almost continually for four days. I could not believe it. By the fifth day I began to get some energy back. The pain in my back had diminished to the two areas of my injuries, as opposed to my entire back or my entire body. If that was all that I achieved with your help, I would have been more that satisfied.

But I had two more sessions with you. After my third session, the pain that I have had due to my back injury is totally gone. I would not have believed it. I no longer have the headache that nagged me for months at a time. I understand that I still have limitations because I still have much more healing to do. But I will be doing this healing without pain, and moving forward, I will be able to get the proper sleep I need to promote healing.

My fall on an icy staircase changed my life. I had been an outgoing, social, happy person. I was an attorney with my own practice. I was involved in many organizations from cub scouts, to youth ministry at my church, to several community organizations on whose boards I served. All that changed when I fell. I gradually, simply could not continue any of these activities because the pain was so debilitating. I used to love to travel, but I had become a person who dreaded leaving my house because every step I took was excruciating and I dreaded each and every one.

After the two sessions with you, I attended an annual event that I look forward to all year. For the last few years, this event has not been the same for me. I have had to sit in one spot and leave early. This year, it was like I was my old self again. I was able to walk around, chat with old friends and give everyone hugs without clenching up and hoping the hug would not hurt too much. It was wonderful.

It has been several weeks since our last session. I want to be clear that I understand that I am not healed of my injury. I still have symptoms, and I have to listen to my body for cues that I am doing too much so I do not re-injure myself. But I no longer have the pain. I no longer dread every step because I know that it will be miserable. I have hope. There is a light in my life that has not been there for a long time.

Two things happened this weekend that mark how far I have come since I first saw you. First, I went with my daughter and her Girl Scout troop on a field trip. It was a tour of the local trash burning plant. Previously, I would have dropped her off or waited for the tour to return. I was feeling pretty good and, for a change, did not think twice about joining the tour. To my initial horror, during the tour, we were informed that the elevator was broken, and we would have to walk up six flights of stairs. Previously I would have abandoned the tour right then and there because stairs have been a major problem for me. But I was feeling no pain, so I decided to try.

hypnotherapy-for-pain-managementI was able to make the whole tour pain free. I could not have done that a month ago, before I first met with you. The second thing that happened this past weekend was that I went to a party. Perhaps not very impressive, but it was to me. You see, at this party I stood up, walked around and hugged old friends without worrying about pain. And I danced!!! I have not been able to do that in several years. I was very careful to listen to what my body was telling me were ok and not ok ways to move, but because I had no pain, I was able to do so much more that I have in years.

I have no doubt that I will continue to live my life without pain and as my injuries continue to heal, be able to do more and more, and get back to my old self. Thank you so much for this.

I am still amazed that I have been able to accomplish this in just three sessions and that six years’ worth of pain is just gone. It is wonderful what the mind can do, but your guidance and knowledge made it all happen. Thank you.

~Felicia V.
Lawrence, MA

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