“I am still amazed that I have been able to accomplish this in just three sessions and that six years’ worth of pain is just gone. It is wonderful what the mind can do, but your guidance and knowledge made it all happen.”

~Felicia V., Lawrence, MA

Hypnosis for Pain Management

Managing pain is not a fairy tale…but it can have a happy ending

Middle age woman early fifties feeling life s pressuresChronic pain can suck the life force right out of you and destroy your mood, your day, your relationships and even your life. Even if you’ve been told it will never go away, there is still hope. Hypnotherapy has been proven to be effective in resolving or reducing pain in many different kinds of situations. Never underestimate the power of your own mind to heal you.

Note: your doctor’s referral is needed to use hypnosis to work with your pain issues.

chronic-pain-cureWhat follows are excerpts from a letter Don received from a grateful client. This is such a touching case that he is sharing the entire letter (with her permission of course). Read the entire letter here.

“According to one meta-analysis, hypnotic suggestions relieved pain in 75% of 933 subjects participating in 27 different experiments. The pain relief from hypnosis often matched or even exceeded the relief given by morphine. Another study showed that participants who were highly suggestible received the greatest benefit from reduction in pain when compared to placebo. A participant’s responsiveness to suggestion was the primary determining factor in the extent of pain reduction.”


Dear Don,

I would like to thank you for transforming my life. I know that sounds rather melodramatic, but my sessions with you have made such a difference, that it really has been a transformation.

Very quickly I came to realize that I really could not address my weight issue without first dealing with the debilitating pain I have been in for about six years. You very confidently told me that you could eliminate my pain. I was skeptical, but I could not have dared to even imagine the results that I have experienced.

My fall on an icy staircase changed my life. I had been an outgoing, social, happy person. I was an attorney with my own practice. I gradually, simply could not continue any of these activities because the pain was so debilitating.

I was convinced that it was going to take me several sessions to train myself to let go and allow myself to be hypnotized. I felt no different at the end of the session….then I realized that the headache that I had had for the last four months was gone.

hypnotherapy-made-her-pain-freeFor the past six years I have not slept for more than an hour or two at a time because I was in so much pain. After our first session, I slept almost continually for four days. I could not believe it.

After my third session, the pain that I have had due to my back injury is totally gone.

It has been several weeks since our last session. I still have symptoms, but I no longer have the pain. There is a light in my life that has not been there for a long time.

I went to a party…and I danced!!! I have not been able to do that in several years.

I am still amazed that I have been able to accomplish this in just three sessions and that six years’ worth of pain is just gone. It is wonderful what the mind can do, but your guidance and knowledge made it all happen. Thank you.

~Felicia V.
Lawrence, MA

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“I’d been to umpteen doctors for my chronic achilles tendonitis, all to no avail. I turned 65 and I felt 85, it was so hard for me to walk. Now, after hypnotherapy with Don, I feel like I’ve turned back time (as Cher famously sang). I’m so relieved to be able to resume my normal life.”

~Candice E.

“Who knew my mind could solve lingering pain from my golfing injuries? Oh right, Don did. Now if I can just break par again, I’ll really be happy.”

~Hank S.

“Migraines nearly cost me my job, but hypnosis saved the day. I’m so thankful not to have to rely on drugs that didn’t really work anyway. Great job, Don.”

~William P.

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