“It may seem minor, but becoming a punctual person has changed my life and elminiated so much stress. Now my boss trusts me with important assignments again.

~Delia H.

Overcome Bad Habits with Hypnotherapy

You can become the person you want to be

woman-under-medical-hypnosis3You may not realize the full scope of what’s possible with hypnotherapy, but virtually any habit or behavior you’d like to change can be addressed with hypnosis. The best part is, with a certified hypnotherapist to guide you, the changes take place naturally without your having to rely on willpower or other heroic efforts.

All you need to do is want the change and be open to it unfolding in your life. It really is that easy.

“I have been meeting with Don Glass for a number of months now, and I have gotten excellent results so far. So much so, that I have a least one meeting/month now with Don. He has caused me to lose my anxieties and stress in my business, and I am much calmer now when I talk to customers over the phone—and especially when I make cold calls. My procrastination levels are much less now. I highly recommend Don to address your emotional needs.”

~David F.

These are just a few typical habits Don Glass can help you with, but there’s a nearly infinite list of behaviors that respond well to hypnosis.

I’m ready to help you.

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Marcia got more organized

“Every aspect of my life was overrun with stuff, and I had a terrible habit of just ignoring it. Hypnosis helped me face it.”

Jerry stopped procrastinating

“Now I love lists and checking things off—that’s my new high!”

Lynette became less critical

“Hypnotherapy helped me become more tolerant and value people as they are.”

Martin learned to be supportive

“These days I make a point of talking to each employee daily—and office morale has skyrocketed.”

What habits would you like to overcome? No matter how odd it may seem to you, Don has heard it all—and will not judge you. He’s here to help you become the best version of yourself that you can imagine. Hypnosis makes it easy.

You're just a call away from changing your life.

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