Hypnosis allows someone to get involved in the treatment process, letting them explore their own triggers for relapse and giving them tools to counteract a craving should one appear.

There is still hope…hypnosis can help with addiction recovery

“Self-hypnosis is especially helpful for withstanding the disagreeable subjective sensations produced by withdrawal.”

The National Center for Biotechnology

When someone you care about is struggling with addiction issues, the ripple effect can be felt far and wide. It can be so frustrating to stand by and watch your loved one spiraling out of control. Yes, ultimately any solution has to come from within the person with the addiction. However, they can be guided to try other tools.

Hypnotherapy has worked wonders to help people maintain their sobriety, especially after a stint in rehab or other interventions. Sadly, freshly minted rehab grads believe they are now invincible and will never ever slide back into their old ways. We all know that’s probably not true. That’s where hypnosis can be a great support, to help prevent future relapses.

Unfortunately, most people with addiction problems don’t seek out these kinds of sobriety aids, but you as a concerned friend or family member can point someone to consider this option. Just Imagine a life lived fully again.

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